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Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Wife

Happy Birthday Wishes HeartHappy birthday the woman of my life, the epitome of  feminine grace of gait, the fathomless pit of my life, the  beauty that is my pearl, the joy that beckons the dawn

Fairest of the lasses, the beauty of the hills, the grace of my life, woman, like the scent of the rose, I wish your life timeless joys, pleasures, and moments of peace,  crowned by the contumacy of life and love we share, today and for keeps
May laughter, the wine of queens, follow you to the west with the sun, may you find happiness and joy in life every time of the seasons, Happy birthday

Today, a day to remember, a day to laugh, saunter,
reminisce, and hope,  may you celebrate life, love it, and find the peace
of time and life.

May the memories of the many wishes, be washed by the kisses of the passing wind, the true joy of life, and the happiness we find in the peace and tranquility of our love, Happy birthday, dearest wife

My most treasured place on this planet is in your heart and on your birthday I want to tell you that you are the universe to me. Happy Birthday.

I Wish You Everything… Love, Health, Happiness and above all that you be Kind to Yourself for that is the Greatest Gift of All

These words of mine say lots of things I rarely get to say so peace and love and all those things on this Your Special Day

I Love You First Of All,
And Thanks For All You Do.
You Really Mean a Lot to Me
And I am Proud Of You.

Just Want to Let you Know
That I Am Thinking Of You
On This Very Special Day,
Happy Birthday.

True Friends Are Like Four Leaf Clovers, Lucky To Have And Hard To Find!

Thanks for your happy birthday wishes

Happy Birthday!
I Hope You Have A Great Birthday!
Thanks For Everything You Have Done For Me.
I Hope You Have A Wonderful Day!
You Deserve This Day To Have Fun And Relax!
I Love You Lots.

I Started Loving Life,
When You Came into Mine
So Thanks For Giving Me the Time of My Life.

A Smile Is the Curve That
Puts Everything Straight
And Wipes Every Wrinkle Away
I Hope You Have a Lot of Smiles
To Come Along the Way
Happy Birthday …….

May You Have All The Joy Your Heart Can Hold, All The Smiles A Day Can Bring, All The Blessings A Life Can Unfold. Wishing You A Happy Birthday

Wishing You A Bright Ray of Sunshine That Enlightens The Life Of Your Parents And Friends On Your Birthday

Wishing You Great Happiness And Success On Your Birthday

Some other beautiful happy birthday wishes and phrases at

I Hope Your Special Day Is Fun Filled!

Today Is Your Day To Celebrate
Your Day To Be The Star
So Let The Ones You Love All Cheer
And Say How Special You Are

Sure Is Special, Sure Is Neat, To Know A Girl/Boy, So Nice And Sweet!

Wishing You Every Happiness This Special Day Brings.
Have A Wonderful Birthday!

The Way You Have Filled My Home With Pleasure, I Am Always Proud Of You.

Emotions In The Heart Are More Important
Than Expressions On The Face
Be Cause Emotions Are Reality
Our Hearts Are Filled With Emotions
And Wishes For You On Your Special Day.

Happy Birthday NAME,
I’d Just Like To Say That Sons/Daughters/Boyfriends/Girlfriends/Mothers- ( you get the idea)  Like You Are Hard To Find!
Have A Very Happy Birthday!

Lovely Message From Lovely Friend For A Lovely Person For A Lovely Reason At A Lovely Time From A Lovely Mind In A Lovely Mood In A Lovely Style To Wish You Have A Lovely Birthday

Happy Birthday Wishes To My Love!
A Sea Around My Heart.
Part Shelter, Part Enduring Word.
Part Mirror Of My Art.

Wishing You A Long And Prosperous Life On Your Birthday

Wishing You A Bright And Joyful Future For You On Your This Great Birthday

May All Of Your Ambitions And Hopes Always Come True

I Hope You Had Fun On Your Special Day.

Happy Birthday , Hope You Have Fun Whatever You Do

A Year Of Fun And Happiness
Is My Birthday Wish For You
You Are Someone Special
And Your Birthday Should Be Too!

Happy Birthday

You’re Such
A Sweet Girl-
It Just Wouldn’t Do
To Miss Any Chance
To Wish Good Things
For You!

Happy Birthday
In This Busy World We Often Take Those Closest To Us For Granted,
And We Don’t Stop To Tell Them What’s In Our Hearts…
But Today Seems Like The Perfect Time To Tell You How Special You Are
And How Very Much You Mean.
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday To You, NAME!
I’m So Proud To Have A Son/Daughter Like You.

You are So Beautiful My Love for You Will Always Be True,
Here’s A Wish For My Darling…
May All Your Dreams Come True

Life Is Very Short ,
So Enjoy Every Moment,
Keep Your Confidence,
Go Always Ahead. Happy Birthday

On Your Birthday I Wish You Much Pleasure And Joy.
I Hope All Of Your Wishes Come True.

Wishing You A Smiling And Cherished Face On Your Birthday

Wishing You Great Moments And Life Full Of Fun Especially Your Birthday

Wishing You Best Of Luck On Your Birthday

Wishing You A Bright Future For You On This Memorable Birthday

Hugs To You My Love… Keep On Manifesting Your Dreams!
How Old You Are Is Irrelevant…Just Focus And Stay True To Yourself.. Thats Whats Most Important.

Happy Birthday Wishes To My Beloved

Celebrate The Miracle
Of All That Makes You YOU.
Count A Blessing For Each Candle
Have Your Cake And Eat It Too!

Have Lots Of Fun
Enjoy Your Special Day

As You Slide Down The Stair Rail Of Life, May All The Splinters Point The Other Way.

May Today Be Filled With All The Thing You’re Wishing For.
Happy Birthday!

With Every Joy And Happiness On Your Special Day.
Happy Birthday!

You Are… Wonderful, Kind, Friendly,
Caring, Cuddly, Helpful, Considerate
And Much More.

I Can’t Express How Happy I am This Special Day.You Are The Treasure Of My Life.

I Always Want To See The Smile On Your Face, Like You Have Today. So Always Keep Smiling.

I Wish You A Very Happy Birthday.
With Lots Of Love And Kisses…
From A Heart That Beats…
Just For You By Me.

May Each Hour And Minute Be Filled With Delight.
And Your Birthday Be Perfect For You!

Fly In The Plane Of Ambition,
And Land On The Airport Of Success,
Luck Is Yours, Wish Is Mine
May Your Future
Always Shine. . .
With Lots of Love
Happy Birthday to You.

All the very best Happy Birthday Wishes on this your special day.

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